Energy Savings Calculator

It pays to upgrade your furnace! A more energy efficient furnace offers the same level of coziness, lower energy costs and fewer emissions for the environment. It makes perfect sense to invest in the most energy efficient furnace you can afford.

After the "pay back" period, the operating cost of a less efficient furnace will cost more on fuel and produce more greenhouse emission.

Using the following automated calculator, you can compare the true savings of various furnaces by inserting applicable values:

*Installed price should include Chimney/SS Liner/venting, labour and applicable taxes.

  Furnace A Furnace B
Value of proposed system's AFUE rating: % %
Value of present system's AFUE rating: % %
Past 12 months fuel cost $:
Proposed new system* installed price:
Applicable grants where available:
Pay Back Period In # of Years: 0.00 0.00
Extra Fuel Savings of Energy Star Qualified System A vs. B: 0.0%